Zap that UTI

Urinary Relief I Ease Burning I Reduce Urgency


Yoni Relief is for you if you…

  • Suffer from frequent UTI’s

  • Are tired of UTI’s cramping your sex life

  • Don’t want to rely on antibiotics, which causes more problems over time

Heat Your Passion without the Burning UTI…

After intimacy, a UTI can be a nightmare. Your entire day can be thrown out of wack when you are experiencing the symptoms of burning urination, pain, urgency, and having to run to the toilet every 5 minutes…Sound familiar? Yoni Relief is based on a classical formula in Traditional Chinese Medicine that supports urinary health and helps reduce heat and stagnation from infections of the urinary tract.

Modern-day western medical treatments for UTI’s still rely on antibiotics. This is problematic, since the more you take antibiotics, the more you wipe out the good flora needed to keep the Yoni balanced and happy. The result is an ever-increasing incidence of UTI’s.



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