Our Story


     When Tai Hawkins and Alicia Yang graduated from acupuncture school together, they knew they had a special synergy. Tai, born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii and a cultural/athropology dancer, was an avid traveler, passionate about traditional and earth-centered healing cultures, and an avid ocean lover. Alicia Yang, a cancer survivor and former social justice organizer from the Bay Area, California moved to Hawaii with a passion for community, healing, and Chinese Medicine. Together, these two hosted gatherings, parties, and brought together circles of people through their love for the earth, dance, and traditional medicine - inviting inspiration and space in the community to support wellness and transformation. After working at Kama'aina Acupuncture with their teacher, Joe Bright, the two opened Olanani AcuOasis as a sister clinic. Today, Olanani a trusted sanctuary for personal and collective healing in Kailua that is welcome to all.

     Both Tai and Alicia believe strongly in the “Qi” of the medicine that they create. Every formula and product they offer is made with their utmost intention of providing the best form of herbal support, utilizing knowledge gained through their formal education in Chinese medicine and experience as practitioners.