WILD CHAGA with Reishi


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Get Your Shroom On

Support Adrenals I Lower Inflammation I Boost Vitality


Ingredients:Wildcrafted Alaskan Chaga, Reishi

Chaga and Reishi together support healthy immune, brain, heart, lung, liver, adrenal function, promote cellular regeneration, detoxification, and reduce inflammation. This dynamic super-duo of medicinal shrooms is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting that extra boost of vitality.

Our Chaga is sourced from a dear friend in Alaska who harvests the Chaga that is wild-growing on the bountiful land around his home. Alicia met him on a trip to China and they quickly became friends after learning their mutual interests in herbs, holism, and living naturally. Since then, he has been foraging for Chaga to support his own kidney and adrenal h

ealth as well as supplying Olanani with the best that he finds.

Ingredients:Wildcrafted Alaskan Chaga, Reishi

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