Golden Facial Oil

Balancing Oil

Nourish I Balance I Glow


Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Neroli, and Grapefruit.

Made for all skin types, this harmonizing facial oil promotes your skin's radiance while helping to balance oil production. We use six of the top non-comedogenic oils praised for skin health and repair.  When used consistently, the Golden Facial Oil can prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Stay glowing, radiant, and balanced with our Golden Facial Oil.    

When used in conjunction with Trem Glow, the Golden Facial Oil helps to seal in the ultra-hydration and moisture provided by the Tremella Fuciformis, Trem Glow's signature ingredient.


To Use:

After cleansing and applying Trem Glow place 2-6 drops (depending on skin need) into the palm of your hand.  Using fingers and palms, massage gently across the face and neck.

*Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.