Soothe Painful Joints

Improve Circulation | Reduce Inflammation | Relieve Arthritis Pain


BI-GONE is for you if:

  • You suffer from arthritis pain, especially on cold, wet and windy days.

  • You want a natural way to relieve pain and avoid harsh painkillers.

  • You want to enjoy activities that arthritis makes too painful.

When Your Joints Can Tell the Weather…

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Bi” (pronounced b-ee)stands for pain, an obstruction of energy that is influenced by wind, damp and cold in the environment. If you suffer from arthritic pain, chances are you know the weather forecast simply by the pain you experience when cold, wet or windy weather is in the works. But while nature might drive some of your worst flare ups, nature also provides the remedy. With Huang Qi, Dang Gui, Chi Shao and other hand picked local ingredients, BI-GONE is handcrafted to naturally relieve pain and the inflammation in joints—no matter the weather.


IMPORTANT: Do not use Bi-Gone for pain related to gout or if your joints are painful with a sensation of heat.




*Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Astragalus Root, Angelicae Sinensis Root, Red Peony Root, Notopterygium Root, Saposhnikovia Root, Curcuma Longa Rhizome, Prepared Licorice Root, Fresh Ginger Rhizome, Jujube Fruit, Spatholobus Root, Popolo, Uhaloa. Other ingredients: Alcohol USP (40-50%)