Look good, have fun, feel awesome...

The Classic Spa Party

    Come relax with 3 of your friends or loved ones and experience the works when it comes to our facial rejuvenation services.  Our signature spa treatment includes facial rejuvenation acupuncture, body acupuncture for stress relief and balancing, followed by a luxurious facial featuring Olanani's handcrafted and signature skincare and the time-honored tradition of jade rolliing. Limited reservations available for 3-6 persons.  $110 per person.



FARM-TO-FACE Facial Spa Party

Come for an experience you will treasure. 

For this extraordinary farm-to-face well-beauty treatment, you are given a selection of fresh organic botanicals and fruits from local farms and skin-rejuvenating herbal ingredients for you to munch on nourish your insides, while the same ingredients are alchemized with our signature skincare ingredients as we handcraft your facial steam, mask, poultice, and toner on the spot.  Combined with facial rejuvenation and body acupuncture, as well as jade rolling.  Come with friends or loved ones for an experience to remember.  Limited capacity 3-6.
$200 per person.


Other Spa Party Options...

 Our spa parties can be designed to fit the desire of you and your group. 
A spa party can consist of up to three of the following services combined
(pricing varies according to services):
- Facial rejuvenation acupuncture
- Body acupuncture
- Application of Olanani's signature skincare series
- Cupping
- Head and shoulder massage
- Gong-fu cha tea service

Send us a message now to make a reservation for a Spa Party at Olanani.