In all that we do, we find that it is our values that not only keep us grounded and on track, but it’s the ability to work according to our values that keeps us happy. No matter how big or small, every act in our business flows from these values. 

1) We believe in the power of plants, culture, and community.  

2) We believe that plants are our most powerful healing allies on this planet, and our ancient traditional medicines hold the key to understanding and wielding their power. 

3) We believe in respect - we are grateful for the opportunity to facilitate healing in our island community and honor the culture, people, and ancestors of this land. We respect each person’s autonomy and inherent worth as a human being. We respect the 

4) We believe that the world needs us - all of us - to take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet. And it all begins with self-care. 

5) We believe wellness should not be standardized, but rather actualized through a nonjudgmental and holistic understanding of each individual. 

6) We believe in side-benefits, rather than side-effects. While the use of pharmaceutical drugs are known to bring harmful side effects after long-term use, we believe in the responsible use of whole and herbal ingredients that brings side-benefits and uplifts the overall health of the individual. 

7) We value clean. We source herbs that are premium, wild-crafted, whole, organic, and pass through multiple rounds of testing. Our herbs are safe from pollutants, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, heavy metals, and pesticides.

8) We value local. We source as many herbs as possible from local, organic farms in Hawai’i and continue to seek partnerships that will increase the capacity of Hawai’i to grow and source organic, medicinal herbs. 

9) We value sustainability. We keep plastic packaging to a minimum and are committed to recycling our glass tincture bottles, as well as using eco-friendly packaging as much as possible.