Herbal extract pouring into measuring glass


Our Three-Step Process for Making Tinctures


STEP 1: Formulate

Based on the top concerns for wellness we see in our clinic, we carefully create formulas with the time-tested wisdom of Chinese medicine alongside various herbal traditions from Asia and Oceania.  All of our botanicals are also highly researched in modern clinical trials.  We muscle test each formulation for the highest good.  

STEP 2: Source

We find organic and wildcrafted ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for your external and internal health.  We work in partnership with Hawaii local farms that are dedicated to purity and sustainability to ensure the vitality of each herb we use for our botanical formulations.

STEP 3: Extract

We extract herbal constituents using a dual process of maceration and percolation in order to get the most goodness out of each batch.  We soak the herbs for 24 hours in an alkaline water, ethyl alcohol bath to begin the process of extraction, then follow by percolating the mixture 3-5x for maximum strength formulas. The process ensures that the full diversity of herbal constituents in each formula makes it into each tincture.