At a young age, Raya was drawn to the healing arts. At 18, Raya was accepted into a Global Education and Performance program, where she had the opportunity to travel to 25 countries learning cultural dance and movement. Raya continued her travels around the globe to learn different healing modalities and earn certifications in personal training, yoga, meditation, and traditional thai massage. Upon returning to the states, she opened a yoga and dance studio in Sacramento, California. 

     Raya's passion for alternative medicine comes from her own experience of healing.  Having suffered a traumatic back injury, she was advised to undergo back surgery or risk the chance of paralysis. Instead of surgery, she sought out holistic approaches. After three months of chiropractic and acupuncture visits, Raya was pain free - no surgery needed! This sparked an even brighter flame in her heart to learn more about holistic approaches to healing and share this knowledge with her community.  She attended Naropa University for Psychology of Health and Healing, and is currently a masters student of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  While working at Olanani, she continues to serve the community through her own business as a coach and facilitator through which she supports both individuals and communities on the healing path. Raya is excited to be apart of the team and share the power of traditional medicine with the community.