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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

All facial rejuvenation treatments include supporting body acupuncture to balance the internal systems and promote beauty from within.

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Choose up to 3 zones for treatment: 


Forehead Zone

Forehead wrinkles and frown lines

Eye Zone

Eye Bags – Eye Lid Lift – Crows Feet (corners of the eyes) – Between the Eyes

Cheek Zone

Cheek Lift (Lift Area around the cheeks) – Nasolabial Grooves (Lines Alongside the Nose)

 Mouth Zone

Lip Lines (Lines Around the Mouth and Lips) – Lip Plump – Marionette/Jowls (Smile Lines)

 Neck and Jaw Zone

Neck tightening – Jaw lift (Add definition to your jaw line)



For first-time treatment, you will receive an initial consult along with your first treatment.

We will discuss your zone/s of priority as well as ask you to fill out an online intake form. 



A la carte prices are per session


Single Acu-Zone - $70


Dual Acu-Zone - $90

Triple Acu-Zone - $110
Broad General Lift : $70 


Broad General Lifts includes acupuncture on major points on the face to promote a healthy glow and improved blood circulation. Less focused & slower progress but includes all areas of the face.


Olanani Deluxe Facial - $120

Facial and body acupuncture followed by luxurious herbal facial with Olanani's handcrafted premier skincare, facial cupping/jade rolling. 



Olanani Facial Spa Party - $110 per person

Accommodates up to 4 people.  Come with friends or loved ones! Each person will receive Olanani's Deluxe Facial plus anti-aging tea and mantra card reading. Requires 10 day advance notice and 10% deposit. Fee will be retained if cancelled within 48 hours.




Inquire about our Farm-to-Face Spa Party special with edible superfood ingredients straight from the farm to satisfy your tummy as well as your face. Enjoy delicious medicinal tea, steam with fresh herbs, and experience our freshly handcrafted facial masks, exfoliant, serum, and toner made on the spot with your chosen ingredients. - $200 per person

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Packages

For more sustained results, we recommend a series of treatments. Package discounts are available.

Please inquire with your initial consult.


Light Lift Package 

6 treatments (Mild changes are seen)

Treatments 2x/wk for 3 weeks. Receive 5% off and 1 bottle of supporting herbal medicine.

Single Zone $399; Dual Zone - $513; Tri Zone - $627


Serious Lift Package 

12 treatments (Significant changes begin here)

Treatments 2x/wk for 6 weeks. Receive 10% off and 1 bottle of supporting herbal medicine.

Single Zone $798; Dual Zone - $972; Tri Zone - $1,122


Long Lasting Lift Package

18 treatments (Results may last up to 3-5 years)

Treatments 2x/wk for 6 weeks, then 1x/wk for 6 weeks.

Receive 15% off and 1 bottle of supporting herbal medicine.

Single Zone $1,071; Dual Zone - $1,377; Tri Zone - $1,683


Treatments for Packages should be scheduled twice a week for first four weeks to achieve maximum benefits. 

Send us a message or inquire within to book.