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Almost everyone feels sluggish after the holidays - thanks to all the cookies and milk, cakes, candy, and rich holiday food. It has been a few weeks since the holidays - are you still feeling the load in your gut?  In Chinese Medicine, we almost never recommend any extreme detoxing because you can come off of it even more off balance.  In general, cutting down on the 3 Big Burdens - Sugar, Gluten, and Dairy, will make a tremendous difference.  In addition, take these simple steps for a simple and gradual detox - and start feeling better. 

1.  Drink tea, tea and more tea.

Teas are wonderful for the winters to warm the body, boost immune health, and for that post-holiday effort to reclaiming gut health. Our top recommendations are ginger tea (supports the Spleen and Stomach), green tea (helps emulsify fats and boosts metabolism), and Hawthorne (reduces food stagnation and promotes digestion). For an herbal tea recipe that helps your body get rid of dampness and bloating, click here. 

2.  Eat to 75% Full.

Give your gut a break. Eating to 75% full is generally a great rule of thumb to not put too much pressure on your digestive system and allowing yourself to actually digest and absorb your nutrition better. If you are feeling like your appetite is over-zealous or you get easily overwhelmed by cravings, make an appointment for some acupuncture and get some needles to get some extra help balancing your Spleen and Stomach system.

3.  Move Your Body

Many of us are back to the grind again - and that could mean sitting or standing for long periods of time while working, or moving about but engaged in repetitive motions with whatever tasks are at hand. Whatever your typical grind may be - make sure to get some consistent time in for freeing your body up. Dancing, getting some leisurely exercise, walking on the beach, taking hikes - whatever you do, do it with the intention of letting your body move freely and in a stress-free way.    

4.  Of course, DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Water is key for eliminating toxins and wastes out of the body.  We recommend drinking warm-hot or room-temp water.  Warmth supports free flow and circulation, while cold makes things slow down, congeal  and contract.  When flushing out your system, warm-hot water will only make things go better and smoother, and make you feel 10 times cleaner.  If you have not tried it, drink nothing but warm and room temp water for a week and notice how you feel.


5.  Eat lots of fiber and veggies

     Getting fiber and tons of veggies into your body will do you a lot good - cleansing out your colon and providing you with vital nutrition needed for energy and vitality.  For veggies - we recommend dark green leafy vegetables and all kinds of colorful vegetables - the more colorful the better.   For grains, try oats, and millet for two excellent gluten-free grains that help boost your digestive system.   

6.  Reach for Healthy Snacks 

If you are having cravings and having a hard time reducing the sugary - reach for these types of healthy snacks instead - fruit, nuts, and if you chocolate you must have, take the dark kind. Gradually, notice your cravings lessening and celebrate!