“I pulled a muscle in my back and came here for treatment. Alicia was my acupuncturist and was amazing. She was very knowledgeable in her practice and had a very calming bedside manner. I had walked in hunched over in pain and left with almost none. Would recommend this place to anyone!”

“I see Tai at Olanani. She is a lifesaver, probably literally. I had dropped almost 20 lbs in a month and a half, insomnia, muscle twitches, brain fog and aches…the diagnosis was post infection syndrome and I was told it would take 16-18 months for the neuropathy to subside. Six months later, after seeing Tai as often as I could (first weekly, then every few weeks or so) I am all better. I put back the lost weight…and my neuropathy is all but gone.”

“The place is clean and serene, and Tai takes the time to listen and fine tune treatment. Prices are more than reasonable. Having sought relief elsewhere on the island, I can compare, and this is clearly the best place. Be good to yourself, go see Tai.”

“I love this place! I had daily headaches and neck pain, until I received cupping and acupuncture here. It’s been three weeks since my first session of cupping and acupuncture, and I haven’t had ANY headaches! (Except for one hangover)”

“Alicia is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and professional. ‘Nervous stomach’ is one of the thing I seek treatment for and she makes it so easy for me to talk to her about my bowel habits/problems without feeling completely awkward…it you’re new to acupuncture you are in great hands.”

“I’ve always wondered how Chinese Medicine worked and how it can possibly reduce and eventually rid chronic pain but Alicia and Tai have me sold!!”

“As a mother of premature twins who were in the hospital for 70 + days my breastmilk supply was dwindling. After just one session (and within three hours) my milk supply DOUBLED! I was shocked and so grateful. It remained very strong throughout and I was able to breastfeed both my babies for over 13 months.”