Book an Herbal, Acupressure, or Moxibustion Consult



Olanani provides herbal consultations that are based on treating the entire person, not just the presentation of a symptom.  Consultations may cover any range of health concerns, including digestive and gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, sleep disorders, immune support, musculoskeletal pain, autoimmune and endocrine disorders, fertility, stress and anxiety, flu, cold, and many more. Herbs may be picked up or mailed to you as needed.  Our formulas handcraftedand made from herbs that are organic,as well as rigorously lab-testedto ensure the highest quality. 




Includes a complete assessment, intake, customized self-treatment plan, lifestyle and nutritional counseling. You will be provided with a set of acupressure points catered to your concerns, as well as a virtual, personalized training on how to use moxibustion. Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy that involves burning mugwort close to the skin, activating healing, circulation, and energy. With these modalities combined, you will be empowered to self-treat and address many health conditions and concerns. Moxa price not included in the consult fee ($12 for 5 sticks, $20 for 10, plus shipping/delivery fee).