Trem Serum + Beauty Elixir Duo


Trem Serum + Beauty Elixir Duo


Our dream duo - Internal + External beauty support, handcrafted and made in Hawaii!

Our internal tincture is made with our favorite earthly beauty ingredient - Tremella. Along with Jujube and Goji, this remarkable mushroom is nature’s finest hydration, nourishing the yin from within, balancing hormones, and moisturizing the skin, joints, and promoting good sleep and good flora. All essentials for beauty!

When applied externally, the same Tremella delivers a silky feel and acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin. Along with powerhouse herbal ingredients, Frankincense and organic jasmine green tea, our TremSerum powerfully boosts blood circulation, brightens, and nourishes the skin with antioxidants. It is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, no harmful chemicals so you can feel good inside and out.

Because beauty is not just skin deep.

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Our dream duo from Olanani AcuOasis’ Internal + External beauty line, because beauty is not just skin deep. The TremSerum is applied topically and is packed with high powered herbal ingredients to hydrate, nourish, and bring luminosity to your skin. The Beauty Elixir tincture is taken internally and is aimed at balancing your Yin, nourishing and moisturizing you from the inside out.

TremSerum Ingredients: Distilled Water, Tremella Fuciformis, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Aloe, Sandalwood Sap, Frankincense, Himalayan Sea Salt, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid.

Beauty Elixir Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Tremella Fuciformis, Chinese Red Date (Jujube), Gou Qi Zi (Goji Berries).

*TremSerum (2oz) may be purchased separatedly for $50, Beauty Elixir for $30 plus tax.