Chillax Lotus Roller


Chillax Lotus Roller


A divine and spiritual plant, Lotus evokes purity, rebirth, and enlightenment. Since the time of the ancients, Lotus has inspired humankind towards peace, compassion, and tranquility. In Chinese medicine, it is known for the tremendous healing benefits of the leaf, seed, stamen and its ability to calm and clear the heart and spirit. 

This particular lotus essential oil is a limited edition in our apothecary. As she traveled through Egypt on her honeymoon, one of our acupuncturists discovered a distillery with the precious Lotus and purchased a jar. She hand carried it back to Hawaii to share with us, our patients and our skin care clients. We fell in love with the Lotus. Upon using this oil, we could immediately feel the change in our aura and felt any existing stress and tension lift off our shoulders. Thus, our first batch of Tremella products were named "Chillax," and infused with the Lotus oil. With the gorgeous scent of the Lotus, Chillax indeed delivers the soothing of the spirit while uplifting the mood, bringing calm to the heart. As a skincare agent, Lotus improves elasticity, prevents acne, and boosts the skin's resilience and tone. 

Our Chillax roll-on oil is a must have for day-to-day stress relief and is especially good for periods of transition, grief, anxiety, etc. 

To Use: 
Roll-on the inner wrists, then bring close to the face to inhale deeply and drink in the Lotus' therapeutic scent. Take 3 deep breaths.

Recommended Ritual:
Use 3 - 5 times a day during periods of stress. While using, take a moment to breathe, give gratitude to yourself and all you have overcome. Smile as your drink in the Lotus scent. Feel your heart glow.

Egyptian Lotus Oil 50%
Jojoba Oil 50%

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